Marketplace Rules (Read before posting!)

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1. No posting of personal information in item listing.
  • Please confirm all shipping information via Private Message with potential buyers. 

2. Please include Item, Game, and Price in title of posting. 
  • Please use this template as a guide. 
  • Code:
    [Game][Price] Item name and brief description.

3. Please include shipping cost in the thread detailing the item listing. 

4. Do not post item listings outside of Marketplace forum.

5. If selling through eBay, Amazon, or a third party markplace, please include the link to the posting. 

5. Selling of accounts is Prohibited and can result in an FTR account ban. 

FTR (Feel The Rhythm) is not responsible for the items listed and sold on this website unless part of a promotion or giveaway. All items posted are owned by the individual member and all deals are made between the individual buying and selling parties involved. 

We will take action against any scamming activity after thorough investigation. If you do not feel comfortable with the deal, do not pursue it further. Please report any suspicious activity to forum staff and we will review and take further action.  
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